About accepting online payments for gaming apps

Some people develop games without thinking of how it will earn as it is their passion. This market is growing rapidly so that more gamers are aware that a free game is not all that free. Depending on the platform and the infrastructure, even gaming apps make the developers earn in several ways.


Accept online payment

When you have a merchant account, be it for an online game or a store, you can earn it. Many developers before would create a game and only rely on ads for income. But now, there is a chance to make your game players into those who are payers when you have a way to accept online payment.

Player experience

To be able to purchase power-ups or in-game items should ideally be as smoothly and as quickly as possible without the player experiencing any distractions or redirections. If the game’s payment processing is slow, it will surely make the user less than satisfactory. It is natural for a gamer not to want to lose their focus and be distracted by having to make an online payment. This is one of the main reasons why choosing the right payment gateway is a serious matter for all businesses. There must be that competitive edge provided by superior usability that may enhance the user experience.

Payment gateway 

Though it is said that the payment gateway for a game must be very good, the technology is the key to making that happen, aside from the developer. The design is vital and should be integrated to make a seamless payment while playing or pausing for a little while. The payment gateway ideally should offer more than one payment method.

Payment process

The payment process is part of the gaming experience. The payment gateway that is ideal for online games is those that provide fast integration. Developers can come up with a simple and easy design so that the gamers’ experience will flow seamlessly. A customer-focused design is necessary, not just for online games but also for websites and apps that accept online payments.

Test the payment system

Even before your website or app is live, make sure to test the setup of the checkout to determine if it provides a satisfactory user experience. There are ways to integrate the payment method into the app for online games so that the player can become a payer at any time.

Payment gateway

When choosing a payment gateway, you might need to ask if it is possible to have one-click payments to complete the payment transaction for in-app purchases that will not redirect the gamers to have to go to external services. Developers can also design their in-app purchases in such a way that the player will get to pay with ease.

Payment transactions 

There was a 2018 Limelight Network report that stated that there are more people who play games on their mobile phones than those who do so using their tablets, laptops, or computers. It is common knowledge that mobile players desire fast action that goes without a hitch, and they would prefer in-app purchases that are quickly completed.